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Operation Shower, a Baby Shower

I am SO excited to share with you a really fun event I recently took part in… an Operation Shower shower!

Starting bright and early on Saturday morning, all the volunteers and event coordinators – decked out in their shower finest (although we did opt for temporary flip flops) – schlepped desserts, vacuumed floors, hauled boxes, hot glued last minute decor and arranged final flowers. We finished everything just in time to greet and seat the 50 moms-to-be. This is what they saw when they came in:

marshmallow pops from the Marshmallow Studio

packaged treats from Sweets Indeed and yummy flavored popcorn from Just Pop In

beautiful and delicious food from Everyday Gourmet

I admit, I stood next to the giant bowl of chips for a solid 20 minutes, and ate and ate and ate!

the presentation was just outstanding, serving items on a divided light window!

perfect centerpieces – in 3 styles!

And a room full of happy, glowing moms-to-be.


Each guest was sent home with a giant box of shower gifts, plus extra items like diapers, humidifiers and baby carriers. They were even surprised with a crib courtesy of Pottery Barn! There was laughter, and plenty of tears during the shower, but speaking as a hostess with a TON of baby shower experience (I do have a big family, my kids have 19 first cousins), this was the most spectacular and heartwarming baby shower I have ever seen.

These women and their families give so much, sacrifice so much for our country, to be able to give them this moment of joy was overwhelming. Thank you, LeAnn Morrissey, (founder of Operation Shower) for letting me be a part of it.

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