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beach photo booth props dive mask, sunscreen, cocktails

Ah, the beach. Like a vacation from the pages of a magazine. Except for the lack of parking, the sunburn and the sand in every crevice! We have a solution for those who forgot their sunscreen…printable BEACH photo booth props!

From weddings, to birthdays, to corporate luncheons, our printable photo booth props will transport your guests to Hawaii, Cabo or even the Jersey shore. Here is what you get in the set:

Photo Props
Lips and Mustaches
Floppy Beach Sunhat
Yacht Captain’s Hat
Pail & Shovel
Sun tan lotion
3 Tropical Cocktails with Umbrella & Fruit
2 Popsicles
Beach Ball
Snorkle & Dive Mask
Pool goggles
Life Guard badge
Mini Pennant Banner +
Signage +

beach photo booth props hats, sunglasses, cocktails

Wondering how easy these Graduation photo booth props are to put together? Let’s talk step-by-step

1} After purchasing your printable photo prop set PDF, you will need a color printer to print on 8.5×11″ white card stock paper. We’ve found 65lb card stock paper for as little as $5 for 50 sheets at Target- you may want something a little thicker if these will need to withstand wear and tear, but for the price its great!

2} Next, grab your scissors or xacto knife. With this set of photo props, you really don’t need to cut perfectly along the edge of the illustration – leave a little white around the edges to make it EASY on yourself. Guess what else? Get your kids involved! I guarantee they will have fun with it!

3} Up next? Skewers! You will need tape or hot glue (for best results) to affix plain old wooden kitchen skewers to the backs of these sweets. If you want them to look a little more fancy, use a long white Lollipop Sticks.

4} For a display, you can use ANY jar/vase/can. Just fill it with rice, sand or dry beans and stick the props in. Top off your display with some signage and a mini pennant banner from the set and make sure your camera has battery.

5} Your backdrop can be just about anything. Pin up a couple beach towels or get 2 yards of beachy themed fabric. You can even just use a plain wall (works best if its plain). Have your guests stand in front of the backdrop, but not against it for great pictures.

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•••But wait, there’s MORE! You can also purchase this set of themed props off the shelf.•••
Check out our Beach Photo booth prop DIY kit!

life's a beach diy photo booth props

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