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Okay, I will TRY as hard as I can to give you all the condensed version of the story. This is Jack, when he was 3. The preschool he attended had a parent ed component that required all of us mommies to go to a parenting lecture once a week. (Really. And I did for 6 years. I would like a gold star please.) ahem. Anyway, one of the semester projects was to build a toy for our child – something age appropriate that reflected what our child was interested in.

Well, my little guy was into performing. Performing with his little wooden banjo – and singing at the top of his lungs! Adorable right?

Fast forward a couple of years….

At the School Carnival parent volunteer sign ups… “Who would like to be in charge of the photo booth?”  “Um, me? I guess? Since no one else is raising their hand?”

Why do I always do that?!?! How am I going to pull this off?!?!?! and then, it hits me… the Stage. YES! All it needed was some updated fabric, balloons, cute signage and printable photo props.

print your own photo booth props

To set the “stage” for your School Carnival, check out our Carnival Printable Photo Booth props. Just print, cut and say CHEESE!

Included in this Printable Photo Booth Props collection are:
Alien Eyeballs
Superhero Masks
Comic Book Expressions
Pirate Eye patches
Princess Crowns
Pennant Banner+

Need to make a booth too? you will need…

  • 3 3/4″ PVC pipes
  • 4 3/4″ three way PVC connectors
  • PVC pipe cutter or hacksaw
  • 8 3″ PVC couplings (for the footing)
  • just about 5 yards of fabric (that is if you want to make a little table cloth for the prop table)
  • pre-cut 1/2 sheet of 3/4″ laminated mdffor the base
  • strong glue (construction adhesive)
  • 1 inch Drill bit

Drill 1 inch wide holes near the four corners of the wood base (not to the very corner!). Glue 4 of your couplings on the bottom of the base directly over the drilled holes. Adhere the other 4 couplings on the bottom of the base to the center front, center back and on either side of the center (space them out to carry the load). Cut 2 of the four PVC pipes in half, stick them into the drilled holes. Attach your 4 three way connectors to the standing pipes. Measure the length across each of the three spans and cut the remaining pipe to fit.

Make curtains for each of the three sides to be enclosed. Sew, glue or staple to finish them. Tie balloons to the top corners of the booth. Print out props, banners and signage to complete your photo booth!

make your own photo booth
above: diagram of the structure
note: the pvc pipe uprights touch the ground through the center of the 3″ coupling
below left: 3/4 schedule 40 PVC with 3 way connector
below right: 3″ coupling glued to bottom of base


A HUGE Success! Over 130 people at our tiny school had their photo taken!

print your own photo booth props

A line was forming before the Photo Booth was even ready!

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