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My daughter’s best friend turned 9 this weekend, and celebrated by inviting his closest friends to the Aquarium of the Pacific. The weather forecast called for rain, rain and more rain all weekend long, with no facility inside the Aquarium to celebrate with cake. His mom was panicking with visions of birthday cake in the parking structure!

The super fast solution? Birthday-to-go bags! A cellophane treat bag that could be transported anywhere on the grounds at a moments notice. The kids could even eat on the go, or save some for later. We decided on whoopee pies (like cake! only with the frosting on the inside), juice boxes, pencils and erasers and fish stickers, tied with a 2″ party round.

Thankfully, the day of the party turned out to be yet another beautiful Southern California afternoon, and the kids had a fabulous time!

Happy birthday Jacob!


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