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paper & cake small business feature story Delovely Details

While working on this month’s small business feature story, I remember that last year, I came across a small business that specializes in personalized wedding details – and I was quite intrigued. Upon further investigation, I realized it was owned by a cousin of mine! Yes, I have a very large family. We finally met each other, working on a project together of course, and I am excited to share with you all Nikki from Delovely Details.

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How did you come up with the idea for Delovely Details?

My two best friends got engaged to my husband’s two best friends, we were both honored and excited to be a part of their big days. Their weddings, only a few months apart, included many parties and events. It was tough to financially balance all the fun activities, but still find meaningful gifts for our closest friends. So I got to DIYing. I made them hangers and boxes and their friends and families insisted that I sell them. I didn’t really think I had a chance of turning this hobby of mine into anything, but I went ahead and started my shop, only to be surprised. Not only was I successful, but I have finally found my calling.

paper & cake business spotlight Delovely Details

Where do you find inspiration for creating your product?

I find lots of inspiration, especially for some new products we are working on, by looking through wedding blogs. I do a lot of my brain storming for ideas while I’m running; it’s probably where I get my best ideas. I always turn to family and friends for their opinions and ultimately my husband and I decide if it would be something we would buy ourselves.

paper & cake business spotlight Delovely Details

You can’t possibly spend all your time with hangers, what do you do in your spare time?

I run a lot. I do a lot of the runDisney races and I just started to train for my first full marathon which is very exciting. I love spending time with my dogs. One of my favorite things to do is to plan trips. Even if they are short weekend getaways, I love to plan them out and find great hidden spots to stop at.

If you could choose a dream client, who would it be?

My dream client would probably be Mila Kunis. She’s such a tomboy, I think we could be good friends. I’d love to see what she would put on her hangers. I’d say Johnny Depp, but I kinda don’t want to see him married 😛

What is the most difficult part of what you do?

I think I struggle most with balance. Since I work out of my house, work is always a few steps away from me and it’s really hard for me to keep normal business hours. I will work at all hours of the night and I’d like to cut back on those types of days. I’d like to be more at “home” when my husband is home from work.

paper & cake business spotlight Delovely Details

Collaborations with Paper & Cake ~ Hangers, Cake topper, Keychains

Have you had any unusual/difficult/ridiculous requests~ besides the ones from me?

Nothing is too ridiculous for me! I love getting brides with unusual names for their bridal party. If you have a nickname for your friends, put that on the hanger instead of the normal “bridesmaid”. I like those kind of a request to help change up my day a little.

What do you see for yourself in the future? What is on your bucket list?

I definitely can’t wait to see where else my little business takes me. I’m working on a lot of new product ideas that will hopefully be coming out in the next couple months. I’d love to be involved with The Cream Event one day, or have any of my products mentioned in a bridal show. More importantly, I want to grow a business that I’m proud of, that keeps customer satisfaction as priority, and as always keep it fun.

paper & cake business spotlight Delovely Details

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