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camping photo booth props

For those of us with fond memories of camping trips with our families, these Camping Printable Photobooth Props will spark a sense of nostalgia of the “good ole days.” For those of you that would rather volunteer for jury duty than sleep in a tent, these props will allow you to fake it like you are the outdoorsy type. Either way, people will have too much fun with these…scout’s honor.

We recently used this set of camping printable photobooth props at my kid’s school carnival- and it was a HIT! The kids lined up to stand in our home made booth, hung with curtains made of plaid flannel yardage. These kids were pros at posing with the props, so all I had to do was snap the photo.

camping photo props boys

camping photo props girls

Looking for more outdoorsy party inspiration? Look no further than this Vintage Camper set and these Bug covered decorations!

camping photo props group

camping photo props

What a bunch of goofballs, am I right? Now, are you planning a event? A school carnival, birthday party, family reunion or wedding? Our props are cost effective, easy to make and super cute to boot! We offer them as a printable file, and a DIY kit shipped to your door.

paper and cake creative partyware

Print • Cut • PARTY!®

Included in this printable set of Camping Printable Photobooth Props:

Plaid Beenie
Fish On A Hook
Marshmallow On A Stick
Hot Dog On A Stick
Bug Spray
Pine Cone

Mini Pennant Banner and Signage (Customizable items – add your own photo booth text!)

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