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Advent Calendars. You HAVE to have them during the Holiday season. But, instead of loading the kids up with candy, candy, CANDY… I decided to use this calendar as a way of loading them up with Holiday activities! We partnered up with Cricut to create this quick and easy advent calendar craft with our Cricut Mini. Here’s how we did it.

Using our Cricut Mini and some gorgeous scrapbooking paper from Martha Stewart, we chose a specific palette of golds and silvers and mapped out an ornament themed calendar.

We trimmed the paper so that it would fit on the Cricut cutting mat. Once trimmed, we loaded that baby into the machine!


Using the Cricut Craft Room software (which you can download directly from the website) we carefully aligned our ornament shapes onto the grid. We used the Holiday Basics Rental Bundle to get the ornament shapes. This cartridge is particularly good because it has about 700 holiday images! We had 6 different kinds of paper so we only did 4 different days (ornaments) on each paper. Following the instructions on the software, we began to cut!

To be honest, we had no idea how precise the cutting was going to be – it was awesome! Super fast too. Once the items were cut, we simply just peeled the paper off of the cutting mat. We repeated the previous steps until we used each paper and had all of our days covered.

Instead of just leaving the ornaments as is, we decided to add a little bit of neon fun to our silver and gold. So naturally, we went with hot pink! Using the same template for the numbered ornaments, we cut out 24 pink shapes (without numbers).

We didn’t just stop at 24 like most advent calendars, we did the big 25! And big it was!

To turn this into a true advent calendar, we had to add a hidden aspect. On the pink ornaments (or whichever type of backing you choose) you can write any type of Holiday activity ie. Go to the snow, Wrap Gifts, Make Gingerbread House, etc. Make it fun and make it your own!

And let the Holiday fun begin!

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