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Rice Krispe Treat Edible Easter Basket

What do you do when you just don’t have the garage space to store decorative baskets after Easter. Three words. Edible Easter Baskets. So much fun to make – way more fun to EAT – we have a couple of ideas for you to drool over.

First up, a 100% Edible Rice Cereal Treat Basket

What you’ll need:
Rice Cereal
Wax paper
edible Easter grass
Marshmallow peeps or other goodies

Make Rice cereal treats according to package. Instead of letting them cool on a flat baking sheet, line a small to medium sized bowl with wax paper and place rice cereal treat mixture inside. Press the mixture to the edges of the bowl to allow the cereal treat mixture to form a mold of the bowl. Allow mixture to fully cool and harden before removing from the bowl. You should have enough treats to make about 2-3 bowls. Fill with edible grass and peeps for a 100% edible Easter basket.

Edible peeps Easter Baskets

And we didn’t stop there, although we were pretty full after this project.

Rice Krispe Treat Edible Easter Basket

How about an Edible Easter Terrarium Basket!

What you’ll need:
Mason jars
chocolate rocks
edible Easter grass
Marshmallow peeps

Layer mason jars with chocolate rocks, edible grass, gumballs and peeps for an adorably edible Easter terrarium. Tie on some coordinating ribbon and even a gift tag to finish it off.

Rice Krispe Treat Edible Easter Basket

Thanks for stopping by to check out our Edible Easter Baskets… you can see these and all of our DIY Easter baskets on HGTV.com!

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