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There is nothing more heart-felt than receiving a hand written letter. Now, with that mushy sentiment in mind, we present to you a free printable origami Valentine! Make one for your mom, your dad your bestie or your dog! Just follow our easy instructions on how to print and fold it into a cute little origami shape – the written love note part is up to you.

First, DOWNLOAD (use the form below) the geometric patterned paper. Second, write a cute, funny, and lovey-dovey note on the heart side of the page. I’m no Shakespeare, but try to convey how much you appreciate them and how much they mean to you. Be nice…don’t tell them they smell like fart (your dog? your dad?) or anything. Once that’s done, then dive right into the folding.


1. Start with the triangle pattern down and the love note looking at you.
2. Fold the long edge of the paper to the other long edge (hot dog style when I was in elementary school).
3. Fold again (hot dog style) until you have a long strip.
4. Make sure open flaps are on the left hand side…turn it over if you need to.
5. Fold the bottom left corn to the right side forming a right triangle.
6. Fold the top right corner down to make a right triangle.
7. Ok now it gets tricky… Next fold the bottom of each triangle to the side where the triangle opens up to form a parallelogram. The last two frames of the image above are what it should look like on both sides.


8. Next wrap the triangle over to the other side. Again the shapes should face in opposite directions. The first two frames of the image above show what it should look like on both sides.
9.  Fold both sides down towards the middle.
10. Tuck the corner of one of the triangle under the other flap.
11. Presto and cute little origami letter!

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