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New Years Eve photo booth props

We here at Paper and Cake feel we have the winning formula for an awesome New Year’s Eve party. Adults + champagne + photo booth props = magic!!

Now, we don’t advocate excessive alcohol consumption, but when coupled with our delightfully bright and cheer-filled photo booth props there is bound to be some new Facebook profile pictures created on the first day of 2017! You’ll be surprised at how your guests loose their inhibitions posing for pictures with card stock on a stick. So make your party the talk of the town and order your set today!

New Year Eve Photo Booth props

New Year Eve Photo Booth props

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What is included in our New Year’s Photo Booth Props Set:

Photo Props
Lips and Mustaches (3 styles)
Champagne bottle and Glasses
NYE Top Hat (2 colors)
NYE Tiara (2 colors)
NYE Cone Party Hat (2 colors)
Party Blowers (3 colors)
2017 Eye Glasses
Clock Eye Glasses
“Cheers” sign
Gold Sparkle Lips (3 styles)
Gold Sparkle bow tie
Gold Sparkle Top hat
Masquerade mask
Martini Glasses
Gold Tiara
Pennant Banner +
Signage +

So, you’re thinking of buying a set of New Year’s Eve printable photo booth props (you totally should by the way) so here is a short list of tips and tricks:

1} Printable photo booth props are disposable. This is a major bonus because I can not tell you how gross the lips and mustaches are after a shoot. Gross. Really.

2} Printable photo booth props are affordable. When the kids/grownups walk off with your favorite printable cupcake, you can replace it for the cost of a piece of paper.

3} Printable photo booth props are unique. Need some props for a wedding? You don’t need wedding themed props, you can get any crazy theme! Sweet Shoppe, Carnival, Poolside, anything!

4} Printable photo booth props do not spread lice. You think I’m kidding with this one, but when you do a school event you DO NOT want to BRING REAL HATS. Bring these flat ones that are disposable.

5} Printable photo booth props are budget friendly. I had to say it twice. We offer our printable photo booth props from $9.95 – $12.95, and you can print them forever. Forever is almost free.

6} Photo booths can be made out of just about anything. Use fabric pinned to a wall, or a cardboard refrigerator box – just make sure the background is larger/wider than the guests.

7} Photo booths do not need to be professionally shot. Use your point and shoot and email the pics, or let your guests use their cell phones!

Let us know if you have any questions, need any more tips or if you have your own photo booth tricks to share!


LOVE these props, but want the DIY kit shipped to you instead? We have ’em for you!

Happy New Year photo booth prop kit

Grab your Happy New Year photo booth props kit today!