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paper and cake holiday cake pop display

Every year, a good friend of mine hosts a Holiday Open House for all of the moms who met at our preschool. You would be surprised, there are a ton of us! This is one of those events where you are asked to bring some food to share – and you know I can’t cook! So, whats a girl to do but make cake pops. Lots and lots of cake pops.

I wanted to go with a “gift” theme for displaying the cake pops, so I got a little creative. I couple of months ago, I got these glittery gift boxes from Target, to use for a different party. Thankfully, I don’t throw anything away I kept them around because they made the perfect display! Cake pops are pretty top heavy, so I put rock filler in the bottoms of both boxes to anchor them. I filled the rest of each box with rice so the pops had something to stick into. I used hot glue to adhere the top box to the bottom one and to secure the lids. A coordinating ribbon really drove home the “gift” theme, and was a little extra support to hold it all together. Using an x-acto knife, I cut small “X”s into the tops of the boxes for the lolli sticks to slide in easily. One-by-one I stuck those pops in, until there was no more room. It was quick, easy and so stinkin’ cute. WARNING: bring one of these babies to the party and you’re sure to be on cake pop duty every year. Trust me!

paper and cake holiday cake pop display cake pops

paper and cake holiday cake pop display

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