How to Personalize a Potluck Holiday Party

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Holiday Potluck

We are all a little stressed out this time of year, am I right? The holidays can be a lot of work! In addition, because of our social media addiction, there is even more pressure to make everything picture-perfect, Pinterest-inspired, and Martha-worthy during the holidays. So we wanted to give you just one SUPER simple tip: How to Personalize a Potluck Holiday Party.

For most of us, the holidays are a time we get together with the ones we love and just like our families, the celebration is often a hodge podge of mismatched weirdness. The tables and chairs don’t match. There is no assigned seating, because it’s a revolving door of people coming and going. It’s potluck style, because you don’t have an industrial grade kitchen to feed all these people. And, it all turns out fine at the end of the day. But what if, just including these small details would not only make your Holiday party pretty, but also more organized? People feel taken care of when the occasion looks like a celebration. It sets the mood for a good time ands puts people at ease to be jolly. (click on the photo to find the set being highlighted)

wine and cheese party glasses

Wine charms on real glasses. No one blames you for using paper plates. I get it. It is a lot of work to clean up after a holiday meal without having to wash 30+ dinner and dessert plates. One way to counteract the guilt of using paper plates is to offer a drink station with real glasses. You can buy wine glasses in bulk from Ikea for a reasonable price and the box they come in makes them easy to store. To make sure people keep track of their glasses, offer wine charms and pens for people to claim their cup.

Thanksgiving flowers in Vase

Simple flower arrangements. I admire people that commit their lives to flowers because they are not always easy to arrange but they bring life to any celebration. Grab a few vases, a couple bunches of flowers while you are out shopping, and throw them together. They add color to the buffet. Put a hang tag on the vase to personalize it and make people feel especially grateful.

cookie exchange redvelvet WM

Menu tents. When people begin to arrive at your house with their dishes to potluck, provide them with a blank menu tent to fill out what they brought to share. This will make things look more “put together” and it’ll answer the “what’s this?” question.

The holidays are a time to cherish the special people in your life. Don’t stress out too much but know that adding little touches to an already special day won’t go unnoticed. You’ll end up being the favorite daughter, aunt, son, uncle, etc by New Years!