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Kid Craft: Gingerbread Man Tote

With the Holidays right around the corner, and the smell of Gingerbread Lattes in the air (or is that just me?), what better way to start the season than with Gingerbread, 3 ways?

To kick it off, we’ve created a Gingerbread Man Tote that’s easy as cake!- Or Cookies? This DIY decoration can be used as a gift bag for a teacher, a bag of treats for your neighbor, or even a surprise lunchbox for your little ones! The best part is this craft is simple enough for you and and the kids to do together.

Here’s a small list of things you’ll need before you get started:

-Gingerbread Man Printable template (download yours here)

-2 Foam Sheets (we used a medium and dark brown)

-Assorted Buttons- the crazier the better!

-Small Brown Shopping Bag

-Ric-Rack Ribbon

-Tacky Glue


Before you get to cutting and gluing, we recommend laying out all of your decorations onto the template and play around with the placement of everything. Next, cut out the gingerbread man from the template. Trace cut-out onto lighter shade of brown foam and cut along the lines. Trace your new gingerbread man onto the darker shade of brown foam, leaving about 1/2 inch between your gingerbread man and the new line you are tracing.



Once you have the second cut-out finished, glue the smaller gingerbread man onto your larger one -we like to pretend we’re outlining him with icing!



Now that your gingerbread man is starting to take his shape, glue on your buttons and ric-rack ribbon to complete your vision.



Once he’s all dry and cute as a button, glue him onto your brown paper bag. Fill with holiday goodies and enjoy!



So cute, and so easy. Don’t forget to stay posted for 2 more Kid Craft Ways  to do Gingerbread!


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