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My wonderfully creative sister, Melia, had this fantastic idea… create a Summer Fun Schedule, bunting style!

She was facing a common issue that we all struggle with, how to keep the kids occupied while avoiding days spent in front of the television. Melia is a working mom, and wanted to ensure that she and her daughter had some quality time planned so that they wouldn’t just see the summer pass them by. This little diy project was also a great visual reminder, for her daughter, of all the great activities they did over the summer.

Want to make your own Summer Fun Schedule? Easy as pie… make a list of all of the activities you want to do with your kids, type up or write down events on strips of paper, post-it notes or pennants, and string them up with some ribbon or twine! The activities don’t all have to be expensive, or big productions -choose things like dancing, visiting a new park, baking cupcakes, or having a picnic can be nearly free and take just a little bit of time. Melia also added some cool text with a vinyl cutout of “Summer Fun” affixed to the wall. Ta-dah!

Have a wonderful summer!

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