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Hey diddle diddle… we’ve got a great centerpiece idea – trend and resource for you! The Tolsby frame from Ikea had a great year… almost as good as the mustache in 2012.

This frame is extremely versatile and we’ve noticed it getting a ton of use in the party world. The great thing about these frames is that they are double-sided so you can put two separate photos or signs for viewing in the round. This feature makes it a great table sign at events like baby showers and weddings where there may be assigned seating. Above, is the tolsby in action at the Operation Shower “Over the Moon” event. It creates a nice frame for the printables with the clean and simple lines. My favorite part is the stand of the frame because it almost looks like a little mini cake stand. Maybe that’s why its been so popular…


Here, Elayne Dunn Photography captured another design of ours for Operation Shower at the “Land of Wonder” baby shower. A little ribbon and snowflake detail was the perfect addition to the frames.

baby be mine

The “Baby Be Mine” Operation Shower event was probably one of my favorite styled events from the organization, and of course the tolsby was on every table.

cropped glitter gold hostess

Hostess with the Mostess has been known to use the tolsby, but she takes it to a whole new level with glittery-gold rendition for her Fourth of July party. I’m in love!

So, brace yourself… these frames are only $.99. I know! You can mod podge, spray paint, glue, glitter, washi tape and transform these frames into any styled piece and not have to worry about ruining an expensive frame. The tolsby is available in white, blue, green, red and orange. Not planning a party anytime soon? You can still get some use out of them, just try these awesome ideas:


Becki Adams and Jennifer Adamson from Bella Blvd Studio Blog used the tolsby in a more functional way… storage!


Create a cute chalkboard countdown to an exciting event or Holiday like they did over at A Pumpkin and a Princess!


Let the kids to a candy craft with the frames and create a cute memory like Jenn from HWTM did here!

Are you just loving these frames? I would love to see what you have done with the tolsby – send us an email!

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