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Airplane Birthday Printable Party

Look… up in the sky… It’s an adorable airplane! We understand your little one’s obsession with all things transportation. That’s why we say, celebrate their love of flying with our new Airplane themed printable party kit! We have just about everything you need to set up an easy – super cute – birthday party.

Airplane Birthday Printable Party cake pops

Adorably perfect little pinstriped party food labels might feel a little over the top on your food table, but when you have a tiny guest with food allergies these labels will make everyone feel at ease.

Airplane Birthday Printable Party drink wraps

Small mason jars are inexpensive and reusable. Why not add our “water bottle wrapper” and some matching straws topped with straw flags.

Airplane Birthday Printable Party cupcakes

Airplane Birthday Printable Party cupcake wraps

An assortment of gluten free cupcakes are wrapped in 2 styles of wrappers – that have been personalized with the birthday boy’s name. We topped them with just a few hand cut plane silhouettes and some punched 2″ rounds as well.

Airplane Birthday Printable Party favors

With favor bag toppers included in this airplane printable set party favors are so simple! Choose a sweet treat, some stickers or tattoos, or how about toy plane? You will only need the cellophane party bags and a stapler to put them all together.

Airplane Birthday Printable Party popcorn

Popcorn, cheerios, crackers… you name it this little box serves it! After you personalize it with the party text, one box prints per sheet, just use regular scissors, a scoring tool and double sided tape to assemble.

Airplane Birthday Printable Party silhouette

This is my FAVORITE part! Each piece (clouds, plane, banner) prints on a sheet of regular 8.5×11″ card stock. Cut them out with scissors or an xacto knife (my go to tool!) and hang from the ceiling, or tape to the wall, or put them on skewers or dowels and insert them into your front lawn.

Airplane Birthday Printable Party strawberries

Too many sweets on your table? You can have SO much creative fun with beautiful seasonal fruit. These over sized strawberries were topped with lollipop sticks and paper flags. We dressed up plain square glass plates with pieces of our patterned paper cut down to squares placed underneath the plates.

Airplane Birthday Printable Party tablescape

And there you have it… our new Airplane printable party kit!

Party set includes:

Invitation (fits A7 envelope) +
Cupcake Pics +
Airplane Silhouette Pics
Cupcake Wrapper +
Party Favor bag Toppers +
Water Bottle Wraps +
Gift Log
Thank You Notes (Fit 4Bar envelopes)
Cone Party Hat
Party Food Labels +
Straw / Cake pop Flags
Popcorn Box +
Pennant Banner +
Front Door Sign +
Full Patterned Pages
Airplane and Clouds Silhouette

Those items listed with a plus “+” symbol are customizable, by you! That’s right, just add in your own text and print print print to your heart’s content. We would love to see how your Airplane party turns out!

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