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Operation Shower, Ft. Campbell

I have never used so much hot glue in all my life.

Let me back up… A few months back, my friend Amy of Operation Shower asked me (or, I begged her) to design a printable set of decorations for an upcoming baby shower they were hosting at Ft. Campbell. If you haven’t heard of the organization, Operation Shower is a non-profit that recognizes and honors the sacrifices military families make by producing and coordinating baby showers for expecting military personnel and their families.

After working together for a couple of months on the project, I was beyond excited to be able to fly out to Kentucky to help put together and set up the shower. Upon arriving at the base, I immediately jumped in to my role as chief paper cutter and printable partyware assembler. Thankfully, there were some OUTSTANDING volunteers all ready there and raring to go!

The theme of the shower, was “Over the Moon” – a bit of a double entendre because of its obvious relation to the time honored nursery rhyme, but also talking to how one might be feeling about expecting a new baby. Although I did come up with the color scheme and the graphics, Amy was the genius behind the look of the shower. From centerpieces, to napkin treatments to the dessert table to the flow of the room, she planned every detail to the hilt.

I do have just a couple of photos here of some “behind the scenes” event setup – we worked our fingers to the bone getting ready for the big day.


dedicated paper cutting volunteers


napkin treatments go a lot faster with an assembly line


piles and piles and piles of gifts, for lucky moms-to-be

our superstar event coordinator, Amy… everyone gets a little loopy this late at night!

Stop by again tomorrow, for the rest of the set up and a few photos of the baby shower. Bring a tissue, it might bring you to tears!

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