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Martha answering questions after the taping

So now that Martha and I are BFF’s, she invited me back to her corporate offices for a day of workshops. Okay okay, so it wasn’t just me.

Brenda and I walked the 4 blocks (again in the FREEZING RAIN, and stopping to buy a crappy umbrella) arriving at her office building (a 50 thousand square foot number, spanning a city block) looking like a couple drowned rats. So, before walking into lunch, we paused to wring out in the restroom.


I’m not even kidding, this was on that back of every stall door

We were immediately thrown into a room with SO many talented women! Where do I start! Jill from Modern Cupcake, Terri from Terri’s Party Treasures, Kristen from 3 Little Birds, Barbara from Kitchen Kuffs, Peggy from ComfyCozy, Maria from Maria Harper Designs, Crista from Creations by CristaMarie, Laurie from Twinkle Couture, Johanna from Familytopia, Lindi from Love the Day, Jasmine from The Couture Cakery, Danielle from A Few of My Favorite Things, Jean from Rotem Gear, Andrea from Dolce Drive, okay I’ll stop now.

So, Terri Shapiro, from Deluxe, spoke about public relations while we ate a beautifully catered lunch. We listened to Brenda Dargan of MSLO talk about social media, and Danielle Marvel from Etsy give us tips and news for the future. So much great information – my brain is on overload. Overload. Overload. The day wrapped up with Martha herself showing up to interview Susan Solomon co-founder of NY Stem Cell Foundation.

Sadly, we did not have the opportunity to get a group photo with Martha. Could it have been the bum rush at the end of the evening? 80 women dying to shake her hand, thrust their business card in her general direction, kiss her feet? I was definitely one of them.


and once again, it’s time for me to go to bed… more tomorrow?

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