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paper & cake birthday parties for your entrepreneur

Do you have a little booming business-minded kid? Does your child always have some great idea on how to sell lemonade or make her own rice krispie goodies? We’ve got a party round up for you to check out: parties for your entrepreneur! My daughter, Autumn, has this entrepreneurial spirit. I have no idea where it comes from! Each year she puts on a Holiday Bazaar, where she makes holiday ornaments and sells them lemonade stand style. I know there are plenty of families with kids like this. They have such great ideas, so why not give them a platform to create, sell and have fun! Here is a mash up of three parties that your little entrepreneur would love!


Mangia! Printable Party

Mangia Printable Party from Paper & Cake

Mangia! was an Italian themed cooking party that we did for fun, and it was such a great experience! The kids got to learn how to cook some real-life recipes, work together, and enjoy the labor of their hard work at the end. This party set would be perfect for your blooming chef to showcase his talents in the kitchen!


Summer Watercolor Popsicle Party

Watercolor Popsicle Printable Party from Paper & Cake

Summertime is pretty long around these parts, so this Popsicle stand could be done at any time. Spend your sizzling summer days setting up shop with popsicles! This party would also make a great pool party or block party if your little one was into party planning!


Lemonade Stand Party

Lemonade Stand Printable Party Kit by Paper & Cake

You can’t go wrong with this classic… its a Lemonade Stand! This set is so precious to me because my kids have used this more than once. It actually makes for a great eye-catching set up, which will for sure stop some foot traffic. This party set is filled with all kinds of snack tags and labels for your little entrepreneur to sell just about anything. Set up a stand today!

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