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Sarah is a FABULOUS photographer and mother of three. She just posted about a Lemonade Sale she had with her daughter on her blog Party of Five. Here is just a taste of what she had to say…

Kathryn has been wanting to do a lemonade stand ever since school got out.  So I told her we’d do one while Matthew was at camp.  I came across this adorable DIY printable Lemonade Set over at paper & CAKE and decided to get it — one (of the many!) things I love about having a girl is knowing that I at least have one child who cares as much about cute little details as I do 🙂  I knew Kathryn would have a blast helping me put all the little paper goodies together — almost as much fun as getting to lick the batter bowl after I made brownies for her to sell!


I made the mistake of showing Kathryn the adorable stand they had pictured at paper & CAKE, so any substituting I did, like hanging the LEMONADE banner in the tree above the table instead of making a banner stand with 2 PVC pipes, styrofoam craft balls and printed paper, created a rather lengthy negotiation process with her. Lucky for me, my card table is black, so at least my little entrepreneur was satisfied with THAT (the table pictured on their stand is black)!


Kathryn had fun cutting paper strips to make this chain!

To sell along with the lemonade, we made brownies (my mom’s yummy recipe, though Kathryn chose to substitute Resse’s Peanut Butter Chips for the pecans — yum!), Lemon Zest Popcorn and mini chocolate chip cookies.  I was skeptical about the popcorn, but it was dee-lish!  Probably my favorite of the three 🙂


After she and her friend, Janie, had everything set up just the way they wanted, they sat down and decided they needed to “sample” everything 🙂


And then, before you know it, their first customer arrived!  And he thoroughly enjoyed his lemonade and sweet treat and then decided he wanted some popcorn, too 🙂


Next came a customer who apparently thought he could get drive-thru service…


…but the girls didn’t complain since he emptied his collection of change into their money jar!


Some more customers stopped by and before you know it, they’d hired a co-worker!


Kathryn was most excited for one of the teachers from her school to stop and buy some lemonade and brownies.


All in all, I think they had a blast!  They decided before hand that half of the money would go to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the other half they divided among the three of them.



Thanks so much for sharing Sarah, you really outdid yourself!

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