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Masquerade printable photo booth props

Twice a year, the kid’s school has a “carnival” – and not just any carnival… a super low tech, low budget and totally fun-for-fun’s-sake event. We had paper airplane building, lego crafting, obstacle course, cake walk, face painting, pie throw (at the director), and a photo booth.

Can you guess who did the photo booth? Yeah. In fact, this is my seventh photo booth, that’s a lot of props! I had to go back and count to see just how many, lets see… carnival, wild west, circus, dia de los muertos, pool party, old timey and this time a Masquerade theme.

My mom came over to help print and cut because I waited until the last minute she is so talented and creative. Those paper curly cues? Totally her idea! I also brought along my portable photo booth (made of pvc pipe) and I always make a new coordinating backdrop with a few yards of fabric. There is a quick tutorial here, but I’ve updated my own booth removing the base of it (way too heavy to haul myself).

Masquerade printable photo booth props

Masquerade printable photo booth props

I had a HUGE line almost the entire time, and I’ve been editing photos ever since. Now, if you ever plan to do one of these for your school/church/community carnival, I have 2 very important pieces of advice. One: bring extra lips and mustaches because EW they get so gross really quick. Two: pay VERY close attention to your focus, you only get one chance (and I totally blew it on one of the photos, I feel terrible). But with 150 pics, I kind of got tired at the end. So maybe a third important piece of advice would be to have a second shooter. Right?

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