Giant Birthday Printable Photo Booth Props

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Giant Birthday Printable Photo Booth Props

If you haven’t had your picture taken at a photo booth lately, then boy are you missing out! From Birthday Parties to Weddings to School Carnivals, our props, banners and signage will make your booth the talk of the town.

Download this complete PDF photo props kit to print out at your favorite print shop.

Package includes TWO PDF files: 18″x24″ AND 24 x 36″ {each file prints all three props on one page}

  • Giant Cone Party Hat
  • Giant Balloon Animal
  • Giant Piece of Cake

{how to print}

1. DOWNLOAD to your computer

2. CHOOSE where and what size you want it printed, for example:

3. UPLOAD to the printing site, and decide if you will have it printed as a poster, or, a mounted poster
-mounted on foam core is more expensive, but it is very sturdy
-if you choose to print a plain poster on paper, tape or glue it to cardboard or your own foam core board from a craft store

4. CUT IT OUT with a craft knife (xacto or box knife)
-use a brand new, very sharp blade
-cut between the design and the thin gray line, leaving white all the way around the design, it doesn’t have to be perfect

5. CELEBRATE with friends and family, even from a distance – these props are BIG for a reason!


Ready to create your Printable Party? Check out our tutorial!

  • Collection colors will vary slightly with monitors, printers and paper.
  • You can personalize the items listed with a ✏️ , including changing the font size, style and color.
  • You will need a computer to work on the file, phones and tablets are not compatible.
  • Once your payment is processed, you will be emailed your link to download. Missing your link? Check your spam folder.


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