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sangria recipe

Not ready to commit to the dark earth tones of fall? Are you resistant to the pumpkin-taste-in-everything being forced on you so early this season? Hold on TIGHT to these last days of warm weather with our crisp and refreshing green sangria recipe.

Now, lets not forget the FREEBIE part of this delicious recipe. A set of 6 printable coasters that look gorgeous paired with our green sangria! We hope that you to take this one outside and sip it on the porch … maybe even watch a beautiful sunset (earlier and earlier).

Green Sangria
3/4 of a honey dew melon
6 cups of green grapes, halved
1 small cucumber
1 cup of fresh mint leaves
2 tbsp of fresh basil, cut in threes
2 limes
4 tbsp of agave nectar
1 bottle of white wine*

  • Cut honey dew melon in half and scoop out seeds, chop into large chunks. Halve 3 cups of the grapes. Slice cucumber. Put all three ingredients in a pitcher with the fresh mint and basil.
  • Cut the limes in half. Slice one of the halves and place it in the pitcher. Juice the other three halves into the pitcher. Pour agave nectar into the pitcher
  • Pour bottle of wine into the pitcher.
  • Let “steep” in refrigerator for at least an hour – it is best to wait 3 hours.
  • Serve with fresh grapes, melon and mint.

*Some recipes say to use Portuguese vinho verde. We’ve made it with both sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio with much success. The trick is to look for a white wine with a slight lime green tint. Avoid white wines with a golden tint because that wine was aged in oak barrels and will have a smokey taste to it, which is not at all the flavor you want to compliment with mint.

sangria recipe