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diy valentine's day decor

wine bottle craft

If you are looking to decorate in pink, we have a project that is easy, easy, Easy! Especially if you are reusing the spray painted bottles from another craft/decorating project. There is little to no cost to this diy decor – paper, a hole punch and tape.

glass bottle, spray painted solid white
hole punch holes (we used 2 sheets of double sided paper)
double sided tape

1) wrap the double sided tape around the bottle at least 3 times
2) sprinkle the work surface with the hole punches
3) roll your bottle in the hole punches and press additional hole punches on as you go

diy valentine's day decor

diy valentine's day decor

You can even have the kids help with the hole punching! We designed this little project to match our Sweet Heart Printable party collection– the paper we punched was the patterned page that is included. It’s a set that can be used for Valentine’s Day – or really any party that you want a shot of PINK.

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