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Wild Wild West!

wild west photo booth props

This just goes to prove, you can have a Photo Booth ANYWHERE for ANY event. Especially when it is Wild Wild west themed!

We have a super ultra urban Farm in an area of our fair city that is mostly, well, concrete. One third of an acre has been reclaimed to grow fruits and veggies, and eventually to raise chickens in addition to strengthening a community and teaching the school kids in the area. Last weekend, we all celebrated the Farm’s 1st anniversary with a street festival extravaganza complete with food, crafts, local vendors, and different performing groups like Kalpulli Tlaltekuhtli, Capoeira CDO Long Beach and some beautiful Baile Folklórico!

Who else was there? Well, Paper & Cake of course! I wouldn’t miss offering a super fun themed photo booth for all to make a memory of this fun event. I came up with the theme “Wild West” mostly because of a “horse” that was brought over by the event’s organizer (how could I turn her down?) to use in the photographs. Add some printable “Wanted” posters, some Cowboy hats and of course over-sized mustaches, and there you have it!

The backdrop was created with old fruit crates stacked one atop the next with a bit of maroon felt behind that to block out the direct sunlight, and the occasional car (I did mention how urban this farm is, right?). Old and young alike lined up to hold up ridiculous props or to just sit on the horse for their portraits. The booth was nearly free to set up, and worked perfectly as a fundraiser for the Farm Anniversary event – just charge a fee per photo and either: print on the spot, email to your customers, or have them pick up their prints.

wild west photo booth props

wild west photo booth props

wild west photo booth props

Having your own fundraiser event? Or maybe a Cowboy themed party? You can pick up your own set of Wild West photobooth props – just add your own bandanas, a camera and a little imagination.

paper and cake creative partyware

Included in each printable kit:

  • Photo Props
    • Over sized Mustaches (4 styles)
    • Lips (3 styles)
    • Cowboy Hats with gold star badge (4 colors)
    • Cowboy Hats without gold star badge (4 colors)
    • Poker hand of cards
    • Cigars
    • Bank Robber masks
    • “Wanted” Poster (2 styles)
    • Sheriff’s Badge
  • Mini Pennant Banner + (personalizable)
  • Photo Booth Sign
  • Directional Signage + (personalizable)
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