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wine and cheese pin

One thing no one ever warns you is how being “adult” can really put a damper on your social life. I had recently realized I had been so good at designing and putting together incredible kid parties lately, that I had been neglecting to celebrate my close friends… who are adults…and really fun to be around-especially with some Wine and Cheese!

So, I sent out a group text to some of my favorite ladies and invited them over for some much needed adult time-with wine, cheese and gossip. One friend replied, “I’m there now…camping out ’til Thursday…that’s how desperate I am for an adult outing.” That one text told me it was more serious than I had imagined. I didn’t want to throw this party- I needed to throw this party!

wine and cheese party table

It was surprising easy to put together. It was all about cheese and wine, and both of those take very little time to set up. The new printable party set I designed is inspired by wood grain and cooper tones, so I got a chance to my favorite cheese board. It’s a beauty and the best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten from my sister (jk Missy!). I also was able to reuse a copper frame from our Cabinversary party this summer. Really. If you haven’t had a copper moment this year, make it a priority. It is such a cool color.

wine and cheese party cheese tags

I am not a huge wine drinker, but I find that when you serve it to adult women, they become instant comedians. I jumped on the internet and did some research on what wines would go well with my favorite cheeses, and even though I’m no sommelier, I found in that sauvignon blanc goes good with the mild cheeses, and cabernet sauvignon pairs well with the stinky cheeses.

wine and cheese party drinks

On each wine bottle, I hung a “bib” with a brief description of the wine’s notes, and which cheese they are meant to go with. I had a spread (no pun intended) of aged cheddar, blueberry goat cheese, blue cheese, brie cheese, and herb asiago cheese, right alongside “palette cleansers” like nuts, meat, and dried fruit. It was all very fancy.

wine and cheese party dessert

Now, no party is complete without a dessert, and pie-in-a-jar from The Pie Bar was the perfect addition! We ordered the chocolate-peanut butter pie and the key lime pie. They were amazing. My mouth is literally watering as I write this.

wine and cheese party table flowers

This party really recharged my adult battery. My kids are great, but I can’t drop f-bombs around them as often and they don’t get my only-slightly-outdated pop culture references of Sex in the City. Sometimes you just need to party with your gal pals, and I am glad I got those crazies in my life.

paper and cake creative partyware

Well, now you KNOW you need this party, and I have a nice and easy printable set for you. Just hop on over to the shop, and get your Wine and Cheese printable party tonite!

Invitation (fits A7 envelope) +
2” Rounds +
4×6 signage +
Wine Glass tags
Wine Bottle bibs +
Party Food labels +
Jar labels +
Hang Tags +
Pennant Banner +
Front Door Sign +
Patterned paper +
Those items listed with a “+” are personalizable -by you- using acrobat reader free from