Wonderlandia Week ~ Glue Dots Everywhere

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Wonderlandia Week ~ Glue Dots Everywhere

On the day of the HWTM Wonderlandia event, my fabulous (and ultra patient) sister agreed to drive down with me, and help me set up my tablescape. She was also a bit of a nurse/babysitter/gopher/personal assistant because I was not feeling 100%, just having gotten over some flu thing. Even though we left the L.A. area in plenty of time to make it to San Diego for our scheduled set up time, I was freaking out because of TRAFFIC! Why is there always traffic in Southern California? It’s like asking why does the sun always shine in Southern California, right? Anyway, we were late.

We headed up to the hotel terrace with our boxes of supplies, and proceeded to attempt to set up in GALE FORCE WINDS. I am not kidding you – it was blowing. Also? There were hotel guests EVERYWHERE, sunbathing (I love that word). If you’ve met me, you’ll know that not feeling well+late+wind+paper decorations= stress case. Luckily, I had my sister and my girl Amy to talk me out of my tree.

Shall I get to the photos? Okay, here is me schlepping my paper and decor, using an entire roll of Glue Dots to prevent my Wonderlandia from blowing off the roof deck.

Matching “Vintage” luggage stickers added to paper suitcases from Land of Nod

Superstar Amy in charge of Cake pop display details.

Cathy at A Twist of Cake not only made these adorable and matching cake pops, but personally drove them to my house while I was sick in bed! Stop by her facebook page and say “hi” won’t you?

Checking cell phone photos of napkin treatments, how did I do that again?


Glue Dots!!!


Don’t mess with a party girl with scissors in her hand!

Don’t worry, I did finish in time – but, I had to give up a couple of my elements including some adorable garland that was to grace the lip of the table and a 3D hot air balloon on a stick that blew right out of my hands. booooooo! Come back again tomorrow? I’ll share the final table photos, and tell you a little secret.

PS- my sister took all of these fab photos. Have you stopped by her page?