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Candy is sweet and pleasure to eat when you need to satisfy the occasional craving. Fortunately for us candy also comes in jewel tones and can be made into the ultimate accessory! Learn how to organize/make the this candy necklace party craft for your next party!

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The first thing you are going to want to do is BUY all the candy you are going to need (you can switch out the candy for cereal too – just pick up a box of Fruit Loops). We purchased the same four different gummies in four different colors and organized them into colorful bowls to assemble the favor boxes. You can nix the favor boxes and present them in color coded bowls to your party goers, just have everyone wash their hands first.

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We assembled the gummies mono-chromatically into small plastic boxes and put these cute labels on them. Click below to get the free printable!

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When it is time for your guest to assemble their necklace, pass out threaded needles for them to do candy beading! Some candies won’t have holes and can be hard to thread a regular sewing needle through. You can prep these candies with a skewer or meat thermometer. You can also find sewing needles with a thicker gauge to help with these pieces.

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After all the pieces are threaded, knot the loose ends and boom! A one of a kind necklace! I guarantee that it won’t last long around your little one’s neck. I predict a lot of sugary faces and red, blue, green, or orange tongues after 10 minutes.

candy couture 5

These colorful necklaces would be perfect at an art party, a rainbow balloon party, a cute polka dot party, or a rainbow of bugs party!

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