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Halloween Cocktail

Whether you are young or old, Halloween is an excuse to be playful, silly and yes, a little spooky. We love a good cocktail around here, so we cleared the cobb webs from our test kitchen and created the perfect drink that embodies that playful, silly and spooky spirt. Ladies and gents, presenting the Halloween Cocktail: Dead Man’s Punch.

Dead Man's Punch

Dead Man’s Punch

Equal Parts:
Pineapple & Coconut Juice
Guava Juice
Cherry Juice
Blackberry Juice
Spiced Rum
Black Vodka
Optional: Frozen Black Berries or Black Grapes

  • Over night freeze berries.
  • In a large bowl or pitcher mix all the juices and liquor and refrigerate.
  • Before your guests arrive pour mixture into a punch bowl along with frozen berries.
  • Serve and sip.

Halloween Photo Booth Props

Now this punch looks like it would be filling or heavy, but it is surprisingly light and tropical. We highly recommend putting a set of photo booth props like this Horror Halloween set out next to the punch bowl. And good news! This set is also available in a DIY kit in our shop the shelf section. Nothing creates more memories than adults drinking responsibly and photo booth props. Hilarious and perhaps a bit frightening.

Our Halloween party sets, Haunted Pirate and Bloody Halloween are really spooky too! Print them out…if you DARE!

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