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DIY Video Tutorial paper crafting by paper & cake

I know what you are thinking: “Why make cupcakes when you can BUY cupcakes already made?” I totally get it. I am the queen of no-fuss hosting, but here is the deal…. don’t wear yourself out. The trick is to simulate that “from scratch” taste. Boxed cake mix and canned frosting are just as good as store bought ready-made cupcakes. You probably won’t be winning any cupcake wars, but your guests will appreciate the effort. And really it is no effort at all!

And now it gets even easier because Paper and Cake Productions put together this DIY Video Tutorial, how to embellish a cupcake. Learn how to easily frost a cupcake with a common sandwich bag and how to assemble our cupcake wrappers and toppers for any party. We are very excited for you to check out our new video! Oh, and you can find the Game Night Party Set here. wink wink.

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