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If you live in a state bordering Mexico, like I do here in California, you know that party piñatas are as common place as red solo cups. So, because my lovely assistant is Mexican American, and because Cinco de Mayo just around corner, we just had to figure out how to make a piñata!

The first thing you’ll need to do is make the “bones” of the piñata. We decided on a simple lime wedge shape-mostly because is a staple in a variety of Mexican foods and drinks. And it doesn’t hurt that the fruit is pretty adorable.

how to make a piñata

For the shape, take a piece of cardboard folded in half, and sketch a half circle from the folded side. With a good pair of scissors or a box cutter, cut the shape out. You should have a wedge shape that opens like a book. Next, to support the wedge opening. cut strips out of the leftover pieces of the box and prep them in various lengths (small at the corners, and tall in the center) to make that lime shape. Tape everything together with masking tape.

how to make a piñata

Once all the seams are secured with tape, it is time to do the messy part…paper-mâché!

how to make a piñata

In a large bowl mix 2 cups of flour with 3 cups of water and add about a 1/4 cup of Mod Podge or regular Elmer’s glue. Cut 2 inch strips of newspaper. Pick up one strip at a time, and immerse it completely in the mixture. Slide the strip between your index and middle finger to take off the excess mixture – you do not want the strip to be sopping wet or the it will take FOREVER to dry. Do two layers. Let it dry completely. Next find a place to drill two holes to thread a wire through. We chose the point of the wedge.

how to make a piñata

Next, find your tissue or streamers. Cut into strips about 3 inches wide and as long as the side of the pinata. Cut fringe into it about 1/3 of the way in along one side. Use an old paintbrush with watered-down Mod Podge or glue, place the tissue in rows. You are going to want to place them pretty dense on the on the form to hide the newspaper print.

Lastly, we cut regular old printer paper to imitate the sections of the lime wedge, just glue them on and … Presto!

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