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gift card tray: DIY holiday presents

If you’re wallet looks anything like mine, it has way too many used up gift cards crammed in there for some unknown reason. Lightbulb!- we’ve come up with a fabulous and creative way to re-purpose all of those gift cards (or even hotel key cards) into a personalized serving tray. So round up all of those cards- we know you have some – and let’s get started.

The list:

– Serving Tray (Make sure there are no holes, cracks or openings of any kind in the bottom of your tray)

– Old gift cards or hotel key cards

– Glue dots

– 2 Mixing cups with smooth walls

– 2 Stir Sticks (one preferably with a flat edge for smoothing)

– Small piece of Cardboard

– 1 Box of Pour-On High Gloss Finish ( We used EnviroTex Lite)

Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies, lay out all of your cards onto the tray to create whatever pattern works for you. If you can’t fit all of your cards on there, try cutting some of them so all of your cards fit nicely leaving space between each card. Now that everything is in place, glue down each card one by one. Using a glue dot at each end on the back of the card, adhere firmly to the tray. Make sure there are no lifted edges for any of the liquid to sneak under.

It’s all starting to come together… Double check that the placement of your cards is where you want it to be, because there’s no going back!

Following the directions on the box of pour on finish: measure equal parts of resin and hardener into a clean container with smooth flat walls. Mix EXTRA well! ( We used about 1/3 of the bottles for a 14×14 tray. It’s better to make more rather than less, because you can’t add more after its initially been poured on).

Transfer finish into a new, clean cup.

Pour mixture onto tray covering all of the edges and spaces between cards first.

Using all of the mixture you made, use stir stick to cover the tray as much as possible.

Take a small piece of cardboard, or anything stiff like a scrap from one of your gift cards to smooth out the mixture.

Once the surface is smooth and even, place tray in a safe, dust free place. Give this project overnight to finish drying completely. Now you can wrap it up and give it as a personalized gift, or serve up some of your favorite cocktails at holiday party!

Hope you enjoyed this Holiday Gift DIY project, we would LOVE to see some of your finished pieces!

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