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post weekend update: holiday bazaar

Curse you American Girl Magazine with your crafty ideas that inspire kids to take on projects way too lofty for their tired mothers to keep up with. Why must you dedicate 5 pages, with great big colorful images and diagrams, to the “Holiday Bazaar” concept complete with compelling quotes from real kids who have supposedly held their own lucrative craft fair? Why did I say yes? But more importantly, how could I say no?





Autumn told me she wanted to donate 1/2 the proceeds to the Irvine Animal Care Center… she came up with that idea all on her own. And she totally outdid herself by illustrating the artwork for the tags and recipe cards, even Jack stepped up and drew a pair of candy canes for sets of folded table cards.

Special thanks to our neighbors for stopping by and spending money. Extra huge props to my sister-in-law, Lizzy, for driving her kids all the way here just to buy gift tags and hot chocolate.

I have to go take a break now – and scrape the glitter off of every surface in my house. Come on back tomorrow for a giveaway featuring super fab holiday craft stuff from Martha Stewart!

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