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Here at Paper & Cake, Halloween is more than just a household word. It’s an obsession. So, when we were contacted by Martha’s offices to do a little crafting, we howled at the chance!

DIY cake stands are a huge trend in the crafting world, so we thought we’d take it to the next level and hook you all up with a tutorial on how to create your own Halloween Cake Stand using Martha Stewart Crafts that can be found at your local Michaels store.

Materials and Tools we used available at Michaels:

– Martha Stewart Crafts Designer Paper Pad
– Martha Stewart Crafts Portable Paper Trimmer
– Martha Stewart Crafts Craft Station
– Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween Stamps
– Glass Apothecary Jar
– Decorative Glitter Balls
– Ribbon
– Scissors/Exacto Knife
– Hot Glue/Crafting glue/Tape
– 2″ Round Punch

Materials we had on hand:

– Hat Box Lid
– Needle & Thread

After selecting which pattern or paper you want to cover the base of the cake stand, trim off any excess sides. Measure out the amount of paper you need in order to cover the entire lid. If using a pattern like chevron, be sure to line everything up for a cohesive look.

Once glued, to the top of the lid, trim excess paper. Now you should have the base of your cake stand completely covered,

Measure the side of your lid, and trim enough strips to cover the sides all the way around the lid.

We wanted a spooky look to our cake stand so we chose BATS for our main detail. We cut out an existing bat shape from the Martha Stewart Craft Designer Paper and traced it using the lighting feature on the MSC Craft Station. After we had a small and large template cut out, we traced and cut out those little bats everywhere! We used dimensional tape to adhere the smaller bats to the larger ones to give it that extra pop!

We decorated the sides of the base with these little buggers. Aren’t they cute!

We created our own “cupcake toppers” with these quick steps. Using a 2″ Round Punch we punched out different patterns and colored rounds. Inked and stamped up a couple of seriously awesome Halloween stamps from Martha and bam.. adorable.

Now you know we weren’t just going to stop there right? We added a little pom detail to the back of the rounds for extra visual appeal. Taking satin ribbon, make an accordion-like shape. To make life a little easier, use a clip/clamp to hold in place. Sew one end together with needle and thread. Once secure, cut looped edges to give a fringed look. You may have to make two or three of these to complete a circle. Hot glue together, and top it off with one of the rounds you made earlier.

Yep, more rounds! These are so stinkin’ cute… Glitter paper  and pipe cleaner spiders from MSC. Punch out rounds like earlier, and hot glue on spiders. Glue a lollipop stick to the back and you have yourself a finished cupcake topper!

For the base of our cake stand we used a glass apothecary jar. You can find these at Michaels as well. We filled it with decorative glitter balls and layered the green and silver to give it some dimension.

We also created a mini-cake stand to add some height to the center of our cake stand. Using a mini hat box, we traced and cut a piece of foam core to serve as a lid. (We made the foam core slightly larger than the box because our cakes were too big for it!)

Once the lid was glued to the box, we measured the sides. Using the same idea as before, cut strips of paper and adhere to the sides to cover. Easiest mini cake stand ever!

Here’s a close up of one of our finished poms!

Did you know that Martha has bats? I mean, paper bat decorations that you can stick on your wall of course. We adhered ours – with blue painters tape – to my favorite hall clock and surrounded them with spooky trompe l’oeil portraits from our own shop.

Now, we chose to bake some red velvet mini bundt cakes, but cupcakes or a regular cake would look fabulous as well. Drizzle some frosting on top, and add your custom toppers to finish them off.

Thanks for stopping by to check out our spooky cake stand – obsession… we hope you liked it!

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