Easy Kids Parties at Home

I absolutely love that I can throw so many of my kids parties at our home. It makes logistics much easier for me, especially if I forget something, or if I dump an entire liter of fruit punch in my lap. Even the weather over the years has been kind, only one party has been rained on (but only for about 20 minutes, then we went right back to it), and once there was a chance of rain, so we moved it inside only to have to most gorgeous weather that day. Anyway, with all that, I guess you could say I’m kind of an expert at throwing Easy Kids Parties at Home.

photo collage of seven homemade birthday parties for kids

Now, that’s me in all of those birthday party pictures, which is unusual because I’m more often than not holding the camera at these events. And I know I look ridiculous, especially because in some of them you can see me in the dress-up items (shark fin, Steampunk goggles, Chopsticks and Lab coat). But, it is SO much fun to be involved in any Kids Birthday Party, sometimes I just can’t help myself! Ihope you enjoy this list of Birthday party ideas you can throw at home.

Princess Party Tablescape

Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Grocery Store | So much fun to create pretend grocery store or farmers market, keeps them busy for hours!

Princess | Always a crowd pleaser for little girls, this one comes in 2 styles, pink princess and snow princess.

Art | Paint splatter decorations, without any of the mess.

Unicorn | This magical sparkly set also has lots of rainbows.

Gemstone | Just plain pretty with gold, pink, and blue for all ages.

Balloon Rainbow | Because kids love balloons – in every color in the rainbow – and because they are printable you don’t have to purchase any of the real blow up kind!

Confetti | Colorful confetti for any age.

Marine Steampunk printable birthday party decor

Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Superhero | When comic book pages come alive, just add a few capes.

Marine Steampunk | This under the sea adventure is rivet-ing… see what I did there?

Ninja | They won’t know what hit them at this amazing party.

Fire Truck | Sound the alarm, the paper flames in this set are going to be everywhere.

BMX | For the dirt covered off road type.

Bugs | You don’t even have to like the creepy crawly things to appreciate this set, it’s colorful and beautiful.

Bow and Arrows | It’s right on target, and even includes some large paper targets for activities.

Mermaid Under the Sea Birthday Backdrop Banner

Birthday Party Ideas for Preschoolers

Dinosaur | Adorably prehistoric.

Train | For the choo choo loving kid, and the budget conscious parents.

Race Car | Time to start your engines for this speedy set of party decor.

Pirate | Argh you ready? Just add some eye patches and gold doubloons.

Airplane | Look… up in the sky… It’s an adorable airplane!

Space | Houston we have a party that will be out of this world!

Mermaid | You will find yourself singing about life under the sea, over and over and over again.

DIY Zombie Birthday Party

Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

Zombie | Get prepared for the impending Zombie Apocalypse.

Drive In | Travel back in time to watch your favorite movie, at the Drive-In.

Pillow Fight | When there isn’t any sleeping going on at your Birthday Sleepover party, it’s called a Pillow Fight!

Rock Star | Sing your heart out, and birthday party like a rock star.

Science | Throw a birthday party that promises to spark lots of curiosity in your budding scientist.

Video Game | Get ready player one!

Succulents | A gorgeous set of decorations with succulent illustrations in shades of green and lavender.


AND, just in case you have to have your party at the park,
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