It’s time for a Graduation Party

Your kid is graduating from school – for this example we are going with high school – and you are not sure where to start. This exact scenario is happening to me right now and the party panic is beginning to build! Let’s begin by looking at some of our more universal Graduation party decorations that you can get right here at – and in a bit, I’ll give you a link to download our party checklist.

First off, we have this gorgeous Black and White Printable party set, it can be styled for girls and boys, high school or college. I know that when you look at the photos it does read “happy birthday” but did you know that every item can be personalized to say anything you wish? Anything. Need directional signage for restrooms or parking? Included. Need table runners or placemats? Included. Need to make labels for a photo showcase table? Included. Also, pretty easy to match tableware or a balloon arch to this one!

Second, how about some confetti? This Confetti Printable party pdf also looks like one thing in these photos, but if you put on some imagination glasses you might see a bright and colorful Graduation party! Use store bought tassles, fringe and balloons to round out this fun party set!

Next up – a Rose Gold Printable party. I can sense a trend here, a trend where you can create the graduation party of your dreams just by customizing these PDFs with your own personalized information. Oh, and these photos actually were from a graduation party! You can see in this set specifically, there are mortarboards (the square little graduation hats) built into the kit that you can type in any year and even use them for centerpieces. For this party in particular, we had a great time collecting old books (used bookstores may just have a pile of books that they are getting rid of, our library also had a stash of damaged books ready for the recycle bin) and tearing off the covers so they would match our vision a little better.

On to our beautiful Succulent Printable party kit – all of these succulents were made of paper, but real succulents would be a fantastic (and inexpensive) way to make centerpieces. Again, use these printables to create your dream party! Need a box to collect cards from guests? Use any wooden crate and tie on a tag from the set, or, use any cardboard box and cover it with the patterned paper from the set like wrapping paper. Creating a guest book station? Use the signage from this Succulent set to direct guests on how to sign individual Jenga game pieces.

Okay, how about an Under the Stars themed party! Another versatile set of printable items that you can use to create a memorable outdoor graduation party. Grab some Christmas twinkle lights or outdoor string lights and use our PDF to drive your theme home. This set has a matching backdrop poster that you can use to set up behind a breathtaking dessert table, or even a photo booth opportunity for everyone to get a pic with the graduate.

If you are looking for pretty sparkly-marbled-gemstonish decorations, we’ve got the market cornered! Again, just add your own personalized information into this printable set and you will have no end to the centerpieces, treat stations, guest book centers, buffet table adornments that you can create!

Gold Sparkle Printable party set

Marbled Printable party set

Gemstones Printable party set

Now, I’m not sure what you are waiting for at this point? Get started planning! It will be almost painless – I promise!

Buy it now, or pin it for later!