Printable Mardi Gras Masks

Have you ever wanted to celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but your kids just won’t let you out of the mini van? We have the kind of solution! Our go-to answer for all your celebration needs? Photo booth props of course! They are FUN and inexpensive and something you can do with the kids – or without, you know I get you. With this particular printable kit, our Masquerade photo booth props, we have TWELVE styles of masks AND they even come with their own embellishments. But, we don’t want you to stop there. Get out your glitter, and your ribbon and your gemstones and your feathers and do them up. the gaudier the better!

photo booth props for mardi gras

Here is a quick video to give you an idea of how it works. We used a craft knife to cut out the props – but that doesn’t mean you have to! Trust me when I say, some Martha Stewart spring loaded craft scissors are such a great alternative, and you know regular old scissors work just perfectly. We use 10 or 12 inch wooden skewers (you can find them at the grocery store) to hold the props, just hot glued to the back. Dimensional foam mounting squares are what give these special props that pop out look.

photo booth props for mardi gras

Beads, washi tape, ric rack, tulle, pipe cleaners, felt and sequins… you name it! Start with our printable photo booth props, and have a great time with the rest.

photo booth props for mardi gras

paper and cake creative partyware

In this Masquerade photo booth prop kit:

Lips and Mustaches in bright colors
Masquerade Masks
• 3 styles/colors of camouflage
• 3 styles/colors of leopard print
• 3 styles of zebra print
• 2 styles with bugs
• 2 styles/colors of video game characters
Layered masks for all styles to add dimension
Feather decorations
Patterned paper to make “ribbon” decorations
Pennant Banner + (personalizable)
Signage + (personalizable)

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