Brain Teaser Birthday Party

For my son’s fourteen birthday party this year (yes, you heard me, 14!), we went back and forth over what the theme would be. I offered everything I could think of – even airsoft (that would be like shooting your friends with large, slightly softer BBs!). But ultimately, he wanted a party at home, with friends and family. And, after a ton of brainstorming, he came up with this Brain Teaser Birthday Party idea.

Black plastic stand frame with Brain Teaser party graphics insert

I really enjoy, no, I LOVE to throw kids birthday parties at home. I am lucky that we do have space large enough to have people over-inside or out-and that my husband puts up with the constant stream of crazy decorations that sometimes stay put for several months after the party is over. So when my teenage son wanted yet another of my homemade parties, I really jumped at the chance to put together this Brain Teaser Birthday Party Printable into action!

Gorgeous Dessert Table

Can I brag a little? This dessert table (and the Brain Teaser party activity table right next to it, which we will talk about later) are some of my BEST work! First of all, the tablecloth was the most absolute perfectly-matching-like-I-totally-planned-it thing of beauty. You can pick one up from Tablevogue, and I would suggest that you do, because they are not only weather proof, but also chocolate frosting proof. This tablecloth, the Mimosa, really brought out the color of the graphics, and was a great canvas for this work of art party.

Birthday party dessert table with bright yellow table cloth on a bright sunny day

All of the graphics are doodle like sketches that represent anything having to do with puzzles and games. The table backdrop poster features the illustrations balanced together in a kind of tornado shape. It makes me think of what might be going on in the mind of a kid brainstorming the answer to one of the puzzles!

4 photo collage of cupcakes with decorative paper toppers on sticks

Now for the desserts! We offered SUCH a variety of mini desserts, no kid could possibly be disappointed. We served:

  • oreo cupcakes
  • lemon cupcakes
  • fruity pebble treats
  • snicker doodle cookies
  • apple pies… yum!

Some of the sweets were adorned with our cupcake toppers, and all of the desserts were gobbled up.

2 photo collage of a glass jar with snack mix and a stack of paper popcorn boxes

Also on this table, we added a big jar of the birthday boy’s favorite snack – Chex mix! And of course some matching printable popcorn boxes to serve it in.

collage of 4 photos of paper party labels on a dessert table

All over the dessert table, we added elements of brain teasers and puzzles by using items we had around the house (we already had those Maze Balls!), and some new things that we bought for the kids, to also play with. Because Rubik’s cubes are my son’s favorite things to play with (besides that infernal phone permanently attached to his hand) we stuck the party food labels right up on top of them, so good!

Brain Teaser Activity Table

The birthday party activity table was SO fun to put together! It did totally help that Tablevogue had the perfect table cloth for me (like I said, weather proof, kid proof, party proof). I turned the party graphics into photo booth props and put them large and in charge on the table in clear buckets of rice – you couldn’t miss them!

birthday party table with activities and decorations on top

Pages of idiom puzzles to solve, and riddles to trick your friends, which are included in this printable set, were displayed in clear boxes. So many Rubik’s cube type puzzles were practically sprinkled on the table. Then, we set up three trays, each with a different FUN style of puzzle:

brain teaser birthday party guests enjoying activities

Party Food!

And you better believe we served some food at this Brain Games party! Now, this was an event planned specifically between meal times so we did not have to serve a full meal. But, with a million always starving teenagers around, I knew we would need at least one good snack. Enter: Nachos.

Starting with a table covered in a (can you guess?) Tablevogue table cloth, we set up our Nacho station in the shade, and set out a TON of Brain Teaser Party matching printable food trays. I made crock pot FULL of melted nacho cheese sauce, and had little bowls of everything you could want on your nachos! We ate and ate and ate.

the Wrap Up

All in all, this party was a SUPER success! I mean, just look at this birthday boy and all his friends!

We’ve worked really hard to make this party easy for you to throw for your birthday kid too! You can download this complete PDF party kit to personalize and print at home. Some of the items are editable so you can enter in your own personalized information! This party includes:

  • Invitation (fits A7 envelope) +
  • 2” round cupcake toppers +
  • Small Silhouettes (6 doodles)
  • Large Silhouettes (all 18 doodles and 2 editable speech bubbles)
  • Party Favor bag Toppers +
  • Party Food Labels (tent style) +
  • Jar Labels +
  • Water bottle labels
  • Popcorn Box +
  • Food Tray +
  • 4×6” Sign (6 styles) +
  • Pennant Banner (2 syles) +
  • Front Door Sign +
  • Full Sheets of Patterned paper (4 styles)
  • Activities included:
  1. 8 pages with 96 Brain Teaser picto-idioms PLUS a blank page to make your own
  2. 28 Brain Games Riddles PLUS a blank page to make your own

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